Slate Mosaic Tile In Various Designs For Kitchen/Bathroom/Wall

Slate is a very durable stone, and is a common choice in many aspects of architecture. The stone is frequently used as roofing, as flooring, and as wall coverings. Often times, large slabs of slate are placed together for these purposes. In a mosaic, the stone is first broken into individual tiles that must be intentionally set and arranged.

Product Details

Quick Details:

Type: Mosaic                   Place of Origin: China

Material: Slate Stone            Surface Finishing: Polished, Honed etc   

Size: Customized                 Slate Erosion Resistance: Non-Antacid

Shape: Herringbone, Stacked, Hexagon, Brick Pattern, Irregular

Usage: Interior Decoration

Product Description:

While all slate is gray in color, there are wide variations in the shading, even of individual slabs. Colors can range from gray so dark it is nearly black to light violet and aqua shades. A slate mosaic usually makes use of varying color gradations, both to add interest and to develop repeating patterns.


Most of the time, a slate mosaic uses exclusively slate pieces, though other stones can be woven in. In kitchens, for instance, it is not uncommon to have a slate mosaic backsplash on the walls that is accented by recurring tiles made from the same granite as the counter tops. Slate mosaic floors and shower walls in bathrooms often incorporate colored stones or shiny rocks to add reflective interest. Mosaic pieces of any kind can be used as accents or anchors.

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1)        International Size: 300 X 300mm or 302 X 302mm (12" X 12")

2)        Chip size:23 X 23mm,48 X 48mm,15 X 15mm,23 X 48mm


3)        Other : According to customized demand for completion

Surface finishes:

Polished, Honed, Flamed, Mushroom, Bush-Hammered,   Sandblasted, Nature Surface, Antique, Pineapple, Mushroom, etc


Herringbone, Stacked, Hexagon, Brick Pattern, Irregular

Quality   standard: 

a)Thickness   tolerance:±1mm 
  b)Polishing degree: 90 degree or up


Living Room, Bathroom, Dining Room,   Outside, Kitchen, Hotel, swimming pools, Wall decoration, Villa Decoration,   TV Back Ground, Pattern for floor, Bar, Showroom,. etc.


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slate mosaic sizing.jpg


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