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Aluminum honeycomb plate is a building material beloved by consumers.

Its production process requires high quality, not only the advanced technology and technology, but also its strength, gloss and flatness, while ensuring its corrosion resistance and insulation.

1. Aluminum honeycomb panel building curtain wall decoration series

In addition to specific restrictions, the aluminum honeycomb plate is not standard size, and all the panels are customized according to the design drawing.

This way of production allows the board to have a strong flexibility in terms of size and shape, such as curved plates and folding plates.

This flexibility is widely used in practice because it can be installed on almost any keel and is extremely simple to install.

The aluminum honeycomb plate system has become a fully functional and highly competitive wallboard system.

The very practical solutions it provides apply to almost all types of metope design.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panel building roof series

When selected for smooth metal roofing project metal decorative roof board, give priority to choose aluminum honeycomb composite panels, so that we can make full use of the characteristics of honeycomb panel high bending strength, compared with the other sheet metal can be appropriate reduce behind the plate reinforced aluminum size and dosage, and can ensure that the roof has a smooth overall smoothness and be able to maintain long-term good effect.

3. Aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling series

Aluminum honeycomb panel ceiling systems from the panel material, shape, installation system to the color, the choice of surface treatment for the architect to provide rich, to be able to show the smallpox of rich expression effect, with excellent design degrees of freedom.

My company has the advanced aluminum honeycomb panel production line, through the perfect technology and strict control system, make the composite plate with super peel strength and excellent physical properties, can be comparable to similar brand with the world.

Aluminum honeycomb panel light quality, good toughness, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation performance is good, is a large engineering smallpox condole top sheet of ideal choice, and aluminum honeycomb panel installation method diversification, can undertake heavy smallpox design, can be repair here.

4. Aluminum honeycomb board ship interior series

In order to reduce the body weight, simplify the structure, improve business efficiency, light-duty hull interior equipment is becoming more and more attention abroad, wall panels, ceiling, door plank, aluminum honeycomb composite board has achieved significant effect.

The new technology changes the technical performance of the parts, lengthens the service life and reduces maintenance.

At the same time, it gives people comfort and improves the beauty of the boat room.

The structure of the aluminum honeycomb plate structure is the structure of the beam. The table plate is equivalent to the wing plate of the beam, and the main stress is borne.

The intermediate honeycomb layer is equivalent to the web of the beam, which is mainly subjected to shear stress.

The structure height of the two panels of aluminum honeycomb plate has a large section inertia moment, so the stiffness is good and the bending strength is large.

The middle sandwich layer is bionic in natural honeycomb structure, with less material, but the shear strength is large and the stability is good.

The optimal combination of table plate and honeycomb middle layer makes the honeycomb plate have the advantages of light weight, high strength and good rigidity.

The table board and the honeycomb are suitable, and can obtain good seismic, thermal insulation and sound insulation.

5. Furniture honeycomb plate series

For modern furniture industry, environmental protection is strict, to do with honeycomb panel furniture processing material, is a kind of very good material selection in the new century, the completely non-toxic green quality, let furnisher when processing furniture, less unnecessary environmental program;

In addition, the aluminum honeycomb panel can be varied according to the true wood, aluminum plate, gypsum board, fire prevention board, medium fiber board, natural marble stone, etc., can be made into a honeycomb plate, the material choice is convenient. 

6. Aluminum honeycomb plate partition series

The emergence of the aluminum honeycomb partition, breaking the traditional partition mode, with its noble, fresh, air style, won the market share of middle and high office space.