Cultured Art Stone For Decoration Wall Cladding Tile

Model: TRT-08 Name: Thick Reef Series Style: Artificial Culture Stone Color: Multicolor Usage: Commercial, Kitchen, Bathroom,Outdoor

Product Details

                                   Welcome to purchase pure natural quality cultured art stone for decoration wall cladding tile from Thinkrock Stone which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are one of the world's famous brands. Known for its high quality, high strength and good decoration and practical value, this stone deserves your trust.

Model: TRT-08

Name: Thick Reef Series   Style:  Artificial Culture Stone

Color: Multicolor

Usage: Commercial, Kitchen, Bathroom,Outdoor

Dimensions of each piece of Ledger Stone



PCS No. (Per Ctn)



Ctn No. Per 20GP(21tons)

Wide Reef Series

Length: 505±10/300±10/200±10 
Thickness: 55±15




0.4 m2






Or (200±10)+(100±5) 
width and   Thickness same as brick




1.2 ml




720 ctns

Product picture

brown faux stone wall.jpg

Product Description

Artificial Culture Stone
Art Stone also called Artificial Culture Stone, it is made by building material: Poritand\lement, light weiht Aggregate, lron oxide and so on. 

1. Features and Advatage
A. Lightweight: Its specific weight is 1/3-1/4 of natural stone material. 
B. Duration: Non-fading, corrosion and efflorescence-resistant, high strength, good anti-freeze and impermeability. 
C. Green and environment friendly: No smell, noise deadening, fire prevention, heat insulation, not-toxic, pollution. 
D. Anti-dust and self-clean: Processed by water-proof technique, not easy to adhere dust, self-clean by rain. 
E. Easily-installed, cost-saving: Directly paste; Its installation fees are just1/3 of natural stone material. 
F. Alternative: Various colors and styles, mix and match can make the wall more stereo. 

2. Application
A. Indoor Decoration: The hotel lobby, bar, cafe, home hall, club. 
B. Outdoor Decoration: Villas, row houses, golf courses, artificial waterfalls, amusement parks, resorts. 

3. Color
Green, Rustic, Black, Grey, Multicolor, Red, White, Pink, Yellow, Beige

4. Size
Antique Include Bond Series: Lengh: 205-220mm Width: 62-64mm Thickness: 14.5mm
Thin Reef Series: Lengh: 505 ± 10/ 300 ± 10/200 ± 10mm Width: 100 ± 3mm Thickness: 30 ± 10mm
Thick Reef Series: Lengh: 505 ± 10/ 300 ± 10/200 ± 10mm Width: 100 ± 3mm Thickness: 55 ± 15mm
Art Stone Series: Lengh: 120-390mm Width: 50-220mm Thickness: 25-50mm
Cobblestone Series: Lengh: 50-300mm Width: 50-270mm Thickness: 25mm

5. Construction Method
A. Dispose the basic. 
B. Apply glue to the basis. 
C. Paste the brick. 
D. Joint processing. 
E. Remove the desiccant. 


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