Maple Red Sandstone Veneer Aluminium Sandwich Panel

1.Suitable for indoor & outdoor walls, countertops, tabletops and so on
2.High and low temperature resistance
3.Only takes 1/3 of traditional stone material
4.Less thickness, less environmental impact
5.Save the cost of transportation
6.More solid and strong and good flexural strength
7.When composite with luxury stone, it is more cost-effective

Product Details

Pictures of Red Sanstone Composite Panels:


Front surface: natural stone, artificial stone.

Color: white, beige, cream, gray, black, yellow, brown, green, etc.

Finish: polished, honed

Thickness: stone 3~8mm,AHP 10~20mm

Size: 300x300mm,600x600mm,800x800mm,1200x1200mm,1200x2500mm.

*Unique dimensions can be customized, i.e. personal designs, 3D models.

Application: Renovations, building facade, ceilings, furniture, interior 

partitions,elevators/lifts, Yachts, trains, plans, hotels & projects.

Data on Sichuan Red Sandstone


Name:Sichuan Red Sandstone



Country: China ( Sichuan )

Recommended Usage:Exterior, wall cladding, paving

Additional Names: Sichuan Sandstone,Red Sandstone,China Red Sandstone


We have a professional QC team with average experience over 17 years.


Under-production supervision:daily inspection & weekly report.


Quality control includes:stone quality (surface, flatness, non-cracks),tolerance control (thickness, width, length),composite quality.


*Our sales person should work on casual inspection of his/her order.


Standard packing:

every 2 pcs are wrapped up against polished surface by PE foam, 6 pcs in one paper carton (waterproof, oil proof) , paper cartons will be packed in fumigated wooden crates, plastic film

 is surrounded on the crates in order to avoid dust and water.Special packing depends on the

 size of the finished products. 


Before leaving the warehouse, number of package and open-packing inspection are the must

 we do.Make up the unqualified or broken products before leaving.When loading container, we

 take photos and videos.




Welcome to visit our factory! Here we will show you how the Aluminum honeycomb stone 

panel is made. We import advanced machinery from Germany, France, Korea to form a 

efficient production line that can improve our product quality, and production capacity.



Company Profile

THINKROCK STONE was established in 2002. We supply plenty of stone products to oversea 

projects and local market.With stone technology developing, we expand business in stone 

composite stone panel from 2013. More our clients like architects choose the stone composite 

panel as building material as it’s safer essence, lighter weight, stronger structure, lower cost, 

and easier installation compared to traditional stone products.

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