Sunny Beige Honeycomb Panel

Sunny Beige lightweight stone composite aluminum Honeycomb Panel Elevator Floor And Wall

Product Details

Sunny Beige Marble Honeycomb Panel As Floor Wall And Ceilling

Produce Name:Sunny beige marble Composite Aluminum honeycomb Panels
Product Details:
Front Surface:3-8 mm Marble/Granite/Onyx/Sandstone/Travertine/Agate
Color:White, Beige, Cream, Gray, Black, Yellow, Brown, Green, etc.
Surface Finish:Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush-hammered, Water-jet
Back Panel:10/15/20/25mm aluminum honeycomb panel
Total Thickness:15/20/25/30mm
Standard Size:300x300mm,600x600mm,800x800mm,1200x2400mm,Customized Accepted
Application:Renovations, building facade, ceilings, furniture, interior, partitions,elevators/lifts, Yachts, trains, plans, hotels & projects.

Feature1.Suitable for indoor and outdoor walls, countertops, tabletops and so on.
2.High and low temperature resistance .
3.Only takes 1/3 of traditional stone material.
4.Less thickness, less environmental impact.
5.Save the cost of transportation.
6.More solid and strong and good flexural strength.
7.When composite with luxury stone, it is more cost-effective.

Certification: SGS and Intertek

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